Roberts Bros. Pre-Paid Funeral Plans


Local - not national funeral plan prices

We, at Roberts Bros. understand that every funeral is different; we will arrange and design an Independent Way funeral plan from Golden Charter.

Whilst a Golden Charter plan will provide you with the security needed, we will tailor the Independent Way to meet your local requirements and wishes – we will clearly show our charges and you’ll be able to see disbursement fees charged at current, local prices, which is why we believe it is best to organise a funeral plan with a local funeral director who is knowledgeable about local traditions and costs.

You are welcome to arrange an appointment with Sue to chat about your wishes, either at your own home or at our office where we will discuss your wishes in as much or little detail as you prefer and provide you with a detailed, no obligation, written quotation.

Below is a typical example of how we will calculate the cost of a traditional funeral plan:

  • Our Charges (A)

    Arranging and discussing the funeral details with the family, transfer and care of deceased, full use of our chapel of rest, liaison with all the necessary appropriate authorities, completion of all necessary paperwork, provision of bearers and all staff.

    • The average cost of this would be £1385.00
    • Each limousine (seats 7) £ 185.00
    • Traditional Black Hearse £ 170.00
    • Simple Veneered Coffin, from £ 345.00
  • Typical Disbursements (B)

    • Pentrebychan Crematorium Fees £750.00
    • Medical fees for Cremation £82.00
    • Clergy/Celebrant Fee £100.00 - £200
    • Organist Fees £ 60.00
    • Local Newspaper Announcement £91.00
    • 50 Printed Service Sheets £ 49.00

  • Plan Administration Fee (C)

    • Golden Charter Administration Charge £249.00

  • Traditional Plan total of A, B & C £3466.00

    • A guarantee of no more to pay for our services included within the plan.
    • Flexible ways to pay.

  • Simple Cremation Funeral Plan from £2850.00

  • Direct Committal Funeral Plan from £1868.00

Who are Golden Charter?

Golden Charter is one of the UK's leading funeral plan providers; it is a British owned and run company. As pre-paid funeral plans are regulated by the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority) and funeral directors are not permitted to hold your funds privately, we are required to employ the services of a funeral planning company who are responsible for the financial aspect of the funeral plan; we have chosen to use Golden Charter, whom we have been working with for over 20 years.

Your money held safe and secure

Your money is paid into the Golden Charter Trust, which is run by a Board of Trustees. The Trust is completely independent of Golden Charter. They hold your money securely in an investment trust so that funds held are sufficient to cover the costs at the time of need. Golden Charter only work alongside independent family run funeral directors, such as ourselves; and they are endorsed by the leading bodies within the funeral profession such as SAIF (National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors) and is a registered provider of the FPA (Funeral Planning Authority).

F.P.A. (Funeral Planning Authority)

The FPA was created in response to Government legislation introduced to ensure protection of money paid by consumers for advance funeral planning.
Golden Charter are endorsed by the FPA, therefore have complete reassurance that you are dealing with one of the most reputable companies in the industry, one which maintain high standards and protects its plan holders' funds.

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